How To Use This Website

Minimum Requirements

  • The Anki app downloaded on your computer
  • FooSoft's AnkiConnect add-on
  • This website domain added to AnkiConnect's WebCorsOriginList
    • In Anki: Tools > Add-ons > AnkiConnect > Config and then make sure it looks something like this:
          "webCorsOriginList": [
    • Restart Anki and refresh this website for it to take effect

Recommended Usage

This website was made to create sentence cards automatically when given a chunk of text. It was originally geared towards Japanese, but can be used for other languages as well. It is recommended to use this with the Anki add-on MorphMan, since MorphMan can parse the sentence cards given to it, reorder them for the most optimal learning experience, and also suspend any cards that are too long or too short.


If you have problems, unfortunately it could either be this website or AnkiConnect. If you are a programmer, both of them are open source so you can go submit an issue or work on fixing it yourself.

If you have issues with adding cards:
  • There may be a duplicate of that card already in your deck
  • The first field of the card must be filled out for Anki to save it. There's currently something in the works to automatically insert a <br> tag into the first field if it isn't filled
  • It might be an issue with AnkiConnect's addNotes api (an issue about it is already open on GitHub)
  • You might have changes some settings in Anki but the website still has the old settings
    • This website can't auto-detect when settings are changed in Anki, so you have to refresh the page and/or clear the cache